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Warmer weather brings to mind our Small Town USA 4th of July Celebration...

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

As we dip our toes in and out of warm weather across Wheeler County it brings to mind

future cook-outs, lake trips, and the 4th of July. That may seem far away now, but your Wheeler Chamber of Commerce is already hard at work getting everything planned for one heck of a celebration!

What does it take to run an event as big as the 4th of July? It takes a little of everyone willing and able to help in any way they can! Lauren Guest (Chairman of 4th of July and Wild & Free on 83) was an integral leader in helping the 4th of July Celebration last year she has hit the ground running. When asked about the need for involvement from ALL members of the community Lauren said:

"... we are so blessed to have someone that can donate money, others that can donate their time and both are equally important. We can't do much of anything with one and not the other."

You may not have thought much about the 4th of July yet, but we are starting to promote sponsorships that will begin to be featured. At the same time, we are still looking for people to help with our 4th of July Committee (even if you can donate a few hours during the celebration event days).

Though we can't give you all the details of 'what' is happening just yet, we can tell you what days we are looking to do what. The 4th of July lands on a Tuesday this year, which puts the celebration in a weird place in regards to having a weekend of celebrations. The solution? There will be a small kick-off party at the courthouse Friday evening, and then we will have events all day on Saturday at the courthouse. Sunday and Monday you have time to relax (or help with prep for Tuesday). We will pick back up on the celebration fun Tuesday, July 4th with the Fun Run (Courthouse Square), then the parade's route will end at Tom Britt Memorial Park with the rest of the festivities being held all day into the evening awards and end with the most spectacular fireworks show around!

Are you, your family, or your company interested in sponsoring this year's "Rockin' Free in 2023 Wheeler 4th of July/Wild and Free on 83 Celebration?

Click the link below and see our different tiers of sponsorship:

Would you like to be part of a committee or an event?

Please email us now at



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