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Basics of Small Business Online Content

Last Thursday the Wheeler Chamber of Commerce had its first official 'Lunch & Learn' where we gather professionals to educate our community on topics to help grow businesses and entrepreneurs.

This month we focused on giving people the very basics of creating and building online content. The goal wasn't to give the participants a 'get a million views' or a 'follow these steps and you'll get a thousand followers in a day' kind of help. It was breaking down some of the biggest hurdles of creating content as a small business and how to start overcoming them. This included discussions on technology, marketing, and creating a consistent social media content flow.

There is a lot to learn in regard to social media and how to get eyes on your business via Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, and so on. However, many of the social media strategies you see through ads are geared toward a schedule completely devoted to making content. This is unrealistic for many small business owners.

Local Multimedia Specialist, Sammi Lee Davis, went through various techniques that one could take and implement immediately without taking all their time. If you are unaware of what a 'Multimedia Specialist' is it is a person who specializes in various forms of media like social media, graphic design, website design, and video creation.

If you are feeling a bit sad you missed one of our 'Lunch & Learn' events, don't fret. The Wheeler Chamber of Commerce looks to provide more classes and workshops on tackling Google Business, understanding hashtags, and figuring out your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the near future! Keep following us on Facebook and Instagram so you never miss a 'Lunch & Learn' ever again.

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What would you like to learn at our next Chamber of Commerce 'Lunch & Learn'?

  • Google Business

  • Hashtags

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Etsy & Pinterest

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