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What Does the Chamber of Commerce Do?

Did you receive a mailer that looks like this in your mailbox recently?

Don't be too surprised that we want YOU to know how to join our Wheeler Chamber of Commerce!

What this means:

What is the Chamber of Commerce?

We are an organization of businesses and individuals who are working together to improve the economic, civic, and cultural well-being of the Wheeler area. This means having leadership who approve projects, committees to accomplish projects, and organizing events throughout the year to promote and build a better community!

Can I just give sponsorship money and not have to go to meetings?

Absolutely! People in our community of businesses and individuals can't always give their time and we get that. You can simply pay yearly dues, and watch as we grow. The idea is to come together with what we have and can give for the betterment of our community. Some people can give time, while others rather help financially. Rest assured there is space for everyone willing.

Do I have to have a business to participate?

No, you do not! Some of our members are individuals who are interested in being hands-on with events and meetings and/or want to give financially to support our community. This is about us all coming together and building a better future for Wheeler! We accept everyone and their talents.

How old does a 'Youth Ambassador' have to be? What does a 'Youth Ambassador' do in the Chamber of Commerce?

As of now, as long as you are in High School or younger you can be a Youth Ambassador! They will be a big assistant in the growth of the Chamber of Commerce and work alongside businesses. Our Youth Ambassadors will have access to perks that can help them know what it takes to start a business and build practical knowledge to set them up for future success. This includes diverse and unique opportunities to get community hours requirements. We will have a meeting soon to gather anyone interested and let them know what we have planned!

Join the Chamber of Commerce today and support your own way!



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