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Planting Trees at TBMP for Earth Day

On a cold and windy morning cars flooded the parking lot of Tom Britt Memorial Park to help make it a greener place to visit. We saw families of all kinds come out and celebrate #EarthDay this year by planting trees. Thanks to a lot of go-getters in the Wheeler community, the park was filled with 80 new, fast growing trees. These trees were planted at all corners of the park including both entrances and around the ballfields.

The large group of volunteers gathered with shovels, gloves and other gardening tools to learn how to plant the trees. Within ten minutes the large group of people split up and started hard at work to plant. One group spent time walking the park and picking up litter that collects over time. Amongst the various community members helping the Wheeler County workers started leveling land and removing materials that have been collecting dust. 

Who are some of the people that helped us? We had a family who just moved to Wheeler about eight months ago. They were excited to get more involved in the community and this was a welcomed introduction! Kids as young as three years old were running around the park planting trees and picking up trash. A set of high school students came by to plant a tree for a beloved classmate who passed away. Some families came out to plant trees in honor of since past family members.

This was a great community project that was not only a wonderful opportunity to show our investment in thr growth of Wheeler County, but also sparked many projects we look forward to seeing develop in the near future in regard to improving the look of our town as a whole. The hope is with these newly planted trees there will be added shade, and color across the park! To those volunteers who came out to help plant in the cold, we are beyond grateful. To those who bought trees to dedicate to family, we are happy to provide a place to honor them. 

If you would like to buy one of our 80 trees and dedicate it to someone we still have some left! Please fill out the form on the HOMEPAGE and click ‘Buy a Tree’.

Do you know the history behind Tom Britt Memorial Park? Click here to read about Tom Britt; The Original Wheeler Local Hero.


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