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Become a Local Hero…

Our Goal/Our Mission

The Panhandle Gives is an annual event hosted and coordinated by the Amarillo Area Foundation (AAF) that starts on the Monday before Thanksgiving (10.20.23) and ends on the

global day of giving, known as Giving Tuesday (10.28.23). Donations given during this time not only go towards our local non-profit, but the funds are AMPLIFIED. To learn more FAQS about this event CLICK HERE. Wheeler Sports is associated with our local WAAIC (Wheeler Area Activities and Improvements Council, Inc.) a registered nonprofit, and is set up as "Wheeler Sports" during The Panhandle Gives event.

This year Wheeler Sports is looking to raise $75,000 that will go towards finishing up the fields by installing a sprinkler system. We are hopeful we will reach our goal during the campaign and be able to raise funds for the Tom Britt Memorial Park as we quickly move into our next phase - concession and restrooms!

Wheeler Sports is committed to teaching the FUNdamentals of the game. Our goal is to promote a lifelong enjoyment of sports, while emphasizing a positive experience and instilling the core values of discipline, teamwork, safety, respect, and integrity.

Our Future Plans

We are currently working with our architect to update our master park plan, allowing us to work on different phases as we seek funding. With the importance of providing a space for our sporting events, tournaments, and a place for our community to gather, we know the park has the potential to provide a unique space and quality of life for Wheeler County residents to enjoy for years to come.

We can't wait for the day we no longer have to rent port-a-potties and will have a nice facility to provide concessions, restrooms, shade and seating. There are several phases in the works and we look forward to sharing them with you in the upcoming weeks.

How Do I Become Hero?


Every participant in Peer-to-Peer fundraising can be an advocate for our Wheeler Sports goal, by reaching out to their own personal network of family, friends and colleagues. It is vital for us to make everyone feel that in whatever capacity they can give or invest, it will add greatly to our end goal. Your circle of influence can introduce the campaign to new donors, and help us magnify our impact during The Panhandle Gives event. Join Us as we are "ALL TOGETHER NOW" in raising the funds needed to continue the Tom Britt Memorial Park growth.


This is when you dedicate to give a certain amount IF (we like to say WHEN) people raise the same amount you are giving! You vow to give $500 WHEN others raise $500, that is matching. This is one method to make us all feel like we are working "ALL TOGETHER NOW" during The Panhandle Gives event. This allows a range of donations to be made in a non pressure kind of way! Sometimes it's nice to support other people’s enthusiasm.

Did you know that we have a BIG CHECK and we can't wait to put you as a LOCAL HERO on it. Let us know so we can set up this awesome promotional opportunity!!

Change VS Cash

One of our favorite methods to raise funds during The Panhandle Gives is getting our youth, who participate and benefit from Wheeler Sports, involved. We are working with our local schools to offer a fun and exciting way for kids to be invested in raising money during November 20th - November 28th.

This is a Change vs Cash competition in which grades, school groups, and administration can participate in a friendly competition. Everyone brings as much change as they can throughout November 13th-17th, but they bring cash to put in the other grades that might be beating everyone with their change. Think of this way: Change is + and cash is - . We will announce the winners when we have them deposit their winnings during The Panhandle Gives event . More information will be coming soon about this event as Wheeler Sports works alongside the school administrations across Wheeler County. We are asking them to dress as HEROS on the final day of the campaign, Tuesday, November 28th.

Wheeler Sports Gift

If you donate $1000 to the Wheeler Sports program during The Panhandle Gives event, you will be acknowledged with a granite plaque that carries your name or company's name at Tom Britt Memorial Park. These granite tiles will be displayed once we have built the restrooms and concession stand part of the build. We are also working on featuring donations to be on brick pavers, but we do not have the details at this time.

Background History

If you have spent time in Tom Britt Memorial Park, whether it was for a special event, watching a sporting event, you can understand why the park is a major perk for Wheeler County. In 1986, the Wheeler Kiwanis Club had 10 acres of land deeded to them, then they deeded those 10 acres in 2006 to the local Wheeler Lions Club. It has gone through many different growth projects since the baseball field instillation in 1987.

Tom Britt Memorial Park is fully funded, maintained and operated by the Wheeler Lions Club. In 2016 they partnered with the Wheeler Sports Board, diligently working together to improve the Tom Britt Memorial Park facilities for future generations. Wheeler Sports Board has big plans for the years to come, and is working on a master plan for the park that they hope to share in the coming weeks.

So Now What?

This coming November we have BIG plans to make a BIG impact with our students, family, alumni and local businesses. We are asking you to become a Local Hero and give to Wheeler Sports during The Panhandle Gives event. We listed different ways you can get involved, but most importantly we encourage you to work with people in your circle of influence. This cause benefits EVERYONE, as Tom Britt Memorial Park has hosted multiple events throughout its history and it is a constant location for kids sports.

IF you are unable to GIVE, you can still give the GIFT OF TIME and volunteer. The need for coaches, umpires/referees, equipment managers, field maintenance and concession workers are always in demand. Please consider volunteering and help create memories that last a lifetime. You can reach out to us at for more information.

Follow us on our Facebook page, and keep up with our donation page. The Panhandle Gives will start on November 20th and end on November 28th.



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