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CommUNITY - It Takes Us All

CommUNITY Clean Up Day was an awesome day for Wheeler, Texas! To be able to kick off the day with excited faces and willing hands in front of the Wheeler ISD, makes one very proud of our small town here in the USA!

The students and faculity left on a mission after they were encouraged about "THE WHY?!" Why it is important to give of their time, effort and energy to our commUNITY - they set out to accomplish the mission of cleaning up and leaving it better off. And they did just that!!

HUGE Shoutout to The Koepkes for providing hot dog/sausage wrap lunch! And topping the day off with a Tink's Snowcone!

PreK/Kinder headed to the Wheeler City Park and Aquatics Center:

1st Grade picked up the trash and cleaned the United Methodist Church Park:

2nd, 3rd and 4th grade went to Tom Britt Memorial Park to pick up trash, limbs, rocks and debris all over the Park. 4th grade also went to the Wheeler Nursing and Rehabilitation:

5th and 6th grade picked up trash and debris at The Wheeler Cemetery and S. Osage Road:

7th grade girls headed downtown to clean windows and pick weeds:

7th grade boys went to the Old Jail:

8th grade girls went downtown to help organize at the Wheeler Public Library and Hyland’s Pharmacy: