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Wheeler Chamber Youth Ambassador Form


Welcome! We are so happy to have you as a Youth Ambassador!

Chamber Membership Statement

YOUR INVESTMENT gives you the opportunity to let your feelings be known and get involved. The Chamber is active in many areas and your interests will probably fall in one of these areas.

YOUR INVESTMENT is a way to give back to the community in which you live.

YOUR INVESTMENT enables the Chamber to be a central overall voluntary organization and play a vital and essential role in the community's progress.

YOUR INVESTMENT allows you and other members of the Chamber of Commerce team to make our community the kind of place you WANT to live in.

2024 Wheeler Chamber of Commerce YOUTH AMBASSADOR Yearly Dues

To enjoy all the great member benefits and to support the betterment of this community, is a once a year investment of $10. Please send this form and a check or cash to "Wheeler Chamber" to P.O. Box 221, Wheeler, TX 79096, or drop it off at City Hall (under the water tower).


You can also pay through VENMO at - @wheelertxchamber

If you are paying through VENMO then please select ‘Offline Payment’ in the checkout.

or drop it off at Wheeler City Hall

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